perjantai 4. marraskuuta 2016

Michael Monroe at Virgin Oil

rare acoustic magic carpetr ide through time n imagination :) I´ve been photographing Mike Monroe since 1980s... This rare, wild, kind, restless force of nature is still on my list and on my books...
Michael Monroe at Virgin Oil , Helsinki, Finland, alasti klubi, akustinen keikka, rare acoustic gig,
Satu Ylavaara Photography

Satu Ylavaara Photography
photographer Satu Ylavaara
valokuvaaja Satu Ylävaara.
Minun heimoni on valokuvaajien heimoa ;)

#MichaelMonroe alasti klubi at Virgin Oil club 3.11.16:
Huikea ilta taikamatka aikamatka..

Spiritual emotional magic carpet ride to Stiv Bators' sense of humor and being übercool in everything... To childhood with Donald Duck. Meeting higher experience myself...
From Sibelius to Sibeliusstreet where Matti lived as kid.

Most interesting part 9: Mike told about how he or Steve or Andy were kinda ripping off parts of the song like from Mony mony and Passenger but so well it can't be seen...

Part 10: The difference between Stiv Bator theatrical hanging on stage w/ Dead Boys versus Alice Cooper's bloody theatrical guillotine was that Stiv really went blue and died for a moment, but don't later remember anything from that out of body -experience

But th night was full of remembering wild past when all was better, music... But was it better when boy musicians were checking females when now they check only their eMails... 😆

Ballad of lower east side was last song for one of my camera.. People should kindly demand these intimate acoustic gigs with interviews. Fits very well in dark winter.

cafe Avenue, Smash it up, ain't it fun, 3rd generation nation, lost in the city, Russian roulette, passenger, Telephone bill is mine...